Our Approach

A Very Different Sort of a Cleaning Company

Elite Property Care is a very different sort of cleaning company. Not only do you get your cleaning managed in a totally professional manner – you get to partner with an ethically minded business that values partnerships, seeks to create a positive difference in the way it works with its customers, its people and its communities.

Attracting and keeping clients is the mainstay of any business, providing a clean and hygienic environment is ours. With Elite, you save costs without ever compromising the quality of your cleaning services. Sure there are other cleaning companies out there that can underbid us. But bargain-rate cleaners may cost you more in the long run if their lack of service causes you to spend time managing them.

It is our belief that the cleaning industry in general has let itself down over the years by focusing on proposing clients the cheapest prices, which in time, has de-valued the industry as contractors are simply unable to deliver on what they had promised. Too many customers select their cleaning contractors on price and then express surprise that the required service levels are neither achievable nor sustainable. Both customers and suppliers would do better to focus on value for money: that is combining an appropriate level of quality with an acceptable level of risk at an appropriate cost. Choosing the lowest cost inevitably means reduced service quality, increased risk of service failure or both.

Elite has deliberately set out and garnered a passionate team knowledgeable in all facets of cleaning. Incorporating differing client needs into one operational method has allowed our client base to grow with our level of experience.

Green Wise

Sadly, our industry is not accustomed to caring for our planet. Actually, doing business in general has been rather adverse to conscience and conservation. We want change, we want a better tomorrow and we want to lead by example with a commitment that extends far beyond the balance sheet.

As part of Elite’s commitment to the environment, we strive for sustainable best practice within the cleaning industry. Our Environmental Policy is focused on making a difference at every level; from the paper we use, the equipment and solvents we purchase to the modes of transport we use. Responsibility for the implementation of the policy on a day-to-day basis lies with every staff member. We also actively seek to establish relationships with suppliers able to demonstrate alignment with our Environmental Policy.

Additionally, Elite’s company vehicles are all registered with Greenfleet and we implement daily sustainability practices such as co-mingled, printer cartridge, battery and fluorescent tube recycling in our offices to reduce our carbon footprint.

Waste management in a business environment needs to be planned and implemented very carefully. Elite is committed to reducing the amount of waste being sent to landfill and to increasing the amount of recycling material being collected. Elite, in consultation with several of our clients, has taken the initiative to remove under desk general waste bins in administration settings and has replaced them with under desk paper recycling boxes to minimise the amount of waste being sent to landfill. This innovation not only increases the amount of recycling being collected but can also represent a cost saving to our clients. Also by ordering cleaning materials and consumables in bulk this reduces the amount of packaging waste. Packaging is always disposed of responsibly using appropriately identified recycling bins. Where possible, Elite uses initiative to refill consumable containers (ie. soap) rather than purchasing single-use containers.

Cleaning operatives are trained to turn off all water taps, power switches, heating and air-conditioning equipment and electric lights in unused areas and after use at the end of each cleaning day. One of Elite’s standard cleaning practices is to aim to use the least amount of cleaning product that will successfully perform the job. Elite also uses microfiber products where possible to eliminate the need for chemical cleaning products. We are committed to using environmentally sensitive cleaning products which minimise adverse impacts on health and environment and we make it a practice not to use any hazardous chemicals.

Ethically Minded

Elite behaves in accordance with ethical work principles and aims to empower our people to be the best they can be. We seek to build long-term partnerships with staff and clients alike, while being mindful of our larger social and environmental responsibilities. As a young and up and coming company, we actively promote the use of the latest eco-friendly cleaning products, always proactively look for ways to minimise our consumption of wastes to reduce the impact on the environment.

At Elite, we believe that it is important for business to contribute to the well being of the communities in which they operate and to show leadership in social responsibility. Our passionate team is responsible for raising both money and awareness for organisations which are close to our hearts: The Rioli Fund for Aboriginal Health, World Vision and Odyssey House. Throughout the year, percentages of daily revenue, time and services of our team members and money raised and collected by our team are donated to these organisations.

Many of our clients share these values and by contracting Elite Property Care, satisfy their own corporate responsibility mission. For others, it just makes them feel good to support a business that genuinely care for its community.

We genuinely believe our approach clearly stands us apart from our competitors and is one that more and more customers will benefit from over the coming years.