Educational Facilities

Safe and sound

A healthy, fresh and clean environment are not only prerequisites for a functional environment, but also the foundation for student well-being and productivity.

We take considerable care with the recruitment of staff and pay specific attention to their initial and continuous training and development. We offer staff the best conditions and vibrant culture within the industry including great working conditions, group incentives and other benefits.

All personnel engaged for working in an educational facility are subject to initial and regular police background checks and working with children checks as part of our recruitment processes.

We listen intently and note your individual cleaning needs; from there we gain an intimate understanding and develop a customized cleaning service solution where the scope and required tasks are carefully tailored to each and every individual educational department.

We ensure through ongoing controls that the customers’ expectations and our own high expectations are consistently meeting key performance indicators.

Our services cover everything to make sure your buildings are a polished example to all those who visit or work there.

A polished service solution!