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Attention to details that shows

Besides keeping your members and staff healthy, a clean facility can keep a club’s pocketbook healthy, too. Right up there with location, membership fees and hours of operation, a clean environment is crucial to attracting and retaining your members.

We understand that your facility has a particular need to project an image of cleanliness and health. Elite Property Care offers tailored cleaning solutions to meet your cleaning and related service needs. Additionally all work is overseen by qualified cleaning technicians who have years in practical hands on experience within this sector.

Areas we pay particular focus too are:

  • Foyer / Reception: The first impression of your facility is made at from entry to reception desk. We pay special attention to areas that can escape the attention of other cleaning contractors. We use environmentally preferred cleaning products and equipment. Special odor-control products leave your facility smelling fresh and clean, not overly disinfected.
  • Locker Room Cleaning: There is high traffic in locker rooms and this area presents particular challenge in maintaining sparkling surfaces and controlling odor. In additional to our standard restroom maintenance program, we add an additionally layer of door control with metered aerosols that can deliver 24-hour odor control.
  • Cleaning Sauna Rooms: We provide regular maintenance of the stone and wood surfaces in sauna rooms with hydrogen peroxide-based cleaners that naturally deodorize, leaving surfaces clean and residue-free.
  • Studios | Pilates | Aerobics | Boxercise: Depending on the floor surface, we will use the appropriate bio-based floor cleaners to maintain class studio floors.
  • General Clean: We use color-coded microfiber rags to eliminate cross contamination and use environmentally preferred cleaning products to preserve the environmental health of your facility. Our check point task list assures there is no crevice or crack left untreated, including the sanitizing of phones and water coolers.
  • Rest Rooms and Showers: Restrooms and shower areas say a lot about your facility and can present the greatest cleaning challenge. Elite pays particular attention to proper restroom and shower cleaning to assure your restrooms are clean, orderly, odor-free, and well-stocked.
  • Equipment Wipe-Down/Cleaning: Members are assured that you have their personal health in mind when you have germicidal cleaners available for equipment wipe-down. We can provide environmentally preferred products that will sanitize surfaces without damage. Additionally, as part of our services we can include a sanitizing wipe-down of exercise mats with an environmentally preferred sanitizer.

A polished service solution!