Health | Aged Care

When health matters

Elite recognizes that the health and aged care sectors require special care, as well as complete attention to detail. We are aware that our service extends beyond our specialized cleaning knowledge in these environments. We are sensitive to the needs of the residents in this industry and recognize that the residents’ privacy and dignity are paramount concerns.

To best partner with you, we hire industry specific people to implement the appropriate systems and infection control procedures, to ensure every facility is maintained to the highest standard. With the emphasis on infection control, Elite has trained cleaning staff and a management team who strive daily to ensure the highest possible levels of cleanliness.

We can offer you the most appropriate cleaning methodology to suit your business needs. Whether we employ traditional products and cleaning methods, or use alternative microfiber and waterless technologies, the Elite philosophy is to always operate in an environmentally aware manner.

We have created best practice work methodology to eliminate risk of cross- contamination via improper equipment and material use. We utilize to its fullest effect a simple color coded cleaning system that easily identifies where equipment and materials can be used that is aligned to hospital required standards.

A feature of our service:

  • Our special understanding of the nature of the environment in the Health sector
  • Our cleaning staff are selected in line with the special requirements required in the Health sector
  • Strong levels of support training and supervision of our staff
  • Our comprehensive risk assessment process
  • Our staff is trained to the quality assurance standards of the facility. Our own quality assurance system supports this process.

To minimize the event of risks we have created safe working practices which are communicated to our staff, these practices are reviewed each year in line with our OH&S Management criteria. Our service standards are in line with the National Healthcare cleaning Standards (GB) 2003 which includes:

  • Infection control
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Standardized cleaning materials
  • Cleaning method statements
  • Patient equipment cleaning

We have developed communication and response processes as recognized by the hospital accreditation system consisting of:

  • Communication books at agreed locations within the facility.
  • Where required we have in place on site supervisors who communicate first hand with the duty nurse or health administrator.
  • Scheduled supervision which is documented
  • Management overview, regular liaison, and reviews

A polished service solution!