Our People



Elite believes that the key to our organisation’s success is our people. We have learned in our industry that harnessing the right people and inspiring them to work with passion produces as much as 50% more in efficiency rates which transforms into overwhelmingly better performance results; this gives our company an overwhelming competitive edge over the majority of organisations who are not willing to invest in their people.

We firmly believe if you have inspired passionate people, you can find logical solutions and achieve inspired results. Because our people are fundamental to the way we do business, they’re at the centre of everything we do. Their professional fulfilment, their work/life balance, their ability to contribute equally as part of a diverse workforce – these are all issues to which we give priority.

Developing our People

We recognise that in order to grow, our people need to be challenged, through assignments, coaching and training, to help them develop and expand their skills and realise their full potential. As a cleaning industry visionary, we have harnessed the best industry leaders and educators within our core group with a wide range of talent, strengths, knowledge and cultural perspectives.

We respect and foster that diversity and embrace the advantage it brings in building synergy. Our aim is to be the employer of choice in the cleaning and related services industry.


Education and Training

All Elite staff members must be aligned with our commitment to continued education. We strongly believe that learning never ends. Continued education and training is the life blood of our industry and to that end, each team member must complete our training program. Elite is a company dedicated to continuous improvement and challenging existing perceptions in everything we do.

Leading by Example

All teams need clear and engaged leadership. At Elite, we look for leaders who are ‘hands-on’. We believe that leadership is about challenging the accepted truths and existing practices in a constructive and respectful way. Through focus, enthusiasm and coaching, our leaders set goals, performance standards and clearly defined accountabilities for their people.


Taking Security Seriously

All Elite, operatives carry ID cards and are fully uniformed so they are immediately recognisable as authorised Elite staff. We also assign a regular team to each client, so the same operatives will be on your premises each day and you can maintain a relationship of trust with them.

Our selection procedures include:

  • Patient and careful interview process with emphasis on aptitude and attitude.
  • Police security checks for all staff followed by an annual check.
  • All new staff must provide sound references and are closely monitored.
  • Only cleaning staff and management “inducted” to work in your premises may enter your premises.
  • Cleaners are not allowed to take ‘helpers’ with them.
  • Should there be any staff change assigned to your premises, you will be advised of this change beforehand.

Elite expect our employees to stand up to your tightest scrutiny because we employ only responsible, trustworthy staff.

The Power of Uniform

The professional image of our service workers is just one more way Elite works to enhance the overall image at your premises. Our uniformed service workers help project an image of quality and professionalism at our clients’ facilities. From a security standpoint, it simply helps to distinguish the people who are supposed to be on your premises from the people who aren’t. It also gives our service workers a greater sense of responsibility and accountability with every action, every day.