A career with Elite provides our employees with opportunities not normally available in the cleaning industry.

Elite is a company that offers equal opportunities, promotes diversity in the work environment, provide the right working conditions, training and growth opportunities for staff.

One of the key factors for Elite’s current and long-term success is its ability to recruit the best and most talented people. We therefore set great value on the recruitment, further development and support of our current and future employees.

We have a mentoring and succession program in place which develops talent. Advancing the careers of our people is of mutual benefit, and ensures our team is following the career path they desire, whilst at the same time, ensuring a safe environment free from discrimination.

Each and every person employed with us is a valued contributor to the team. In this regard, we draw no lines of distinction between management and staff, and respect the thoughts and opinions of everyone we employ. It is for this reason that we encourage employees to constructively express their feelings about our policies, philosophies and operations.

Over the years, many great ideas have come from those on the ‘front line’ every day. We have learned from our employees as they have learnt from us, and this two-way communication is vital to our success and to breaking down walls.

…and breaking down walls is something we have done physically, as well as philosophically.

We believe if you want someone to grow and learn, you need to create the right office environment. We’ve created an environment that is light, open and communal that encourages mixing, chatting and sharing. We encourage qualified job aspirants “whole heartedly” to come in for a cuppa and a tour of our office. When you do, you’ll see that we’re not in a shoe box, or in a high rise on St Kilda Road; we’re in a warehouse in the back streets of leafy cosmopolitan Brunswick.

If you like the sound of what you’ve read and feel you have synergy with our vision, mission and values, and if you have a solid depth of experience relating to one or more of the following skills, talents and experience, then we’d love to hear from you:

  • Have exemplary customer service skills
  • Have developed loyal, long term industry relationships
  • Have excellent business acumen
  • Have experience in new and related technologies
  • Have qualifications in marketing, communication and public relations
  • Have specialist business skills
  • Have specialist knowledge in cleaning industry and related services
  • Have industry level experience in environmental management
  • Have industry level experience in OH&S and safety management
  • Have people and leadership management experience
  • Have life experience you can bring to the table
  • Have a passion for cleaning at management, supervisory or field level

Most of all, do you have the inspiration, passion and energy the Elite team is looking for?

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