Commercial Waste & Recycling Management

Elite’s approach to commercial waste management is important as we take the time to assess each individual clients personal needs, helping to provide the most suitable and efficient solution for the collection, removal and processing or recycling of all waste streams.

Elite has a host of differing bin sizes for all waste streams. Elite can also provide you with a stringent waste assessment to ascertain all your waste and recycling needs.

We can easily and efficiently remove all waste including:

  • General Waste and Recycling
  • Recyclables, re-usable and biodegradables
  • Bulky and Construction Waste
  • Confidential / Security Product Destruction
  • Electronic Waste
  • Clinical & Quarantine, Infectious & hazardous Waste
  • Liquid/Hazardous Waste
  • Green waste
  • Food waste

At your request we can undertake a waste audit to develop and implement tailor made solutions.

Waste collection options vary according to your need. Our extensive range of waste and recycling
containers include:

  • Wheelie bins from 240 liter to 1000 liter
  • Bulk bins from 3.0 cubic meters to 31.0 cubic meters
  • Many other options are available for your specialist needs.

A polished service solution!