Industrial Cleaning

When safety comes first

We understand that each facility and organization has differing needs depending upon the industry, whether it be production, manufacturing, transport, warehouse or plant environment, each unique industry sector presents its own unique requirements with a particularly high focus on personnel safety.

  • We offer a specialist understanding of operating in industrial and manufacturing environments.
  • We are technically equipped and have industry qualified contract managers
  • We complete a thorough safety analysis of each site to formulate appropriate work instructions and training required to meet the site specific tasks.
  • We supply all staff with the necessary Personal Protective Equipment
  • We have quality assured management systems geared to deliver quality services, scheduled supervision and auditing as well as regular feedback and reporting.
  • We train staff working in an industrial environment how to be more aware and proactive relating to OH&S matters and workplace hazards. They are encouraged to identify hazards, communicate & consult in the risk control process
  • We provide specialist services to many large industrial facilities such as Amcor , Cryovac Sealed Air, Amcor, Boral, Visy

Quality management delivers our customers every day substantial operational benefits such as:

  • Minimized risks to injury
  • Improved presentation
  • Longer asset life
  • Efficient use of labor
  • Increased production time
  • Increased staff morale

Our first line of defense includes dust control measures with tailored solutions to work around the strictest operational timelines.

Measures such as:

  • Entrance matting
  • Duct and ventilation cleaning

Scheduled management reports can be designed to meet individualized customer needs covering all elements of contract operation. Utilizing these we are able to work closely with our customers and develop long term commercial strategies to further improve on site quality, safety and performance.

A polished service solution!